Amazing 1945 Future-tastic Technology!

We’ve had a little gremlin roaming around lately, causing general havoc and making us wonder which house god we’ve annoyed to encourage such bad luck. Recently, as in just this past Saturday, the gremlin got its grubby little hands on my washer.

I tossed a comforter in, set the dial and left the machine to do its wonders. About halfway through the cycle I noticed an unsettling silence and an alarming amount of smoke wafting out from the laundry room.

That stinking gremlin.

Hey, here’s something fun to try on a cold winter afternoon. Fill your washer up with cold water, toss in a double bed sized comforter and then grab a few buckets to hand drain the thing. Oh and don’t forget that a soaking wet comforter weighs approximately 300 pounds, and hand wringing one out takes the upper body strength of a steroid fueled body builder.


Luckily, we had a smaller, older washer out in our detached garage, which we had gotten a few years ago from some people who were moving. It’s currently buried behind and beneath a bunch of other junk carefully stored items, and getting it out and into the house would take the maneuvering and strategic genius that only Eisenhower could produce.

When our attempts to raise Zombie Ike for assistance failed, we begrudgingly decided that a little cleaning was in order to clear a path for the thing.

During our cleaning efforts—our garage is also lined with junk carefully stored items—we happened upon the beast beauty that my husband, a man who would have happily lived in the 50s if he could have, inherited from his aunt when she passed away. It’s been sitting silently in the garage for years, and is currently standing proud in the prime location in my laundry room:

Now taking bets on how long it takes for me to get a finger caught in that wringer.

It’s a 1945 Maytage E2L washer, complete with movable wringer, on/off agitation knob, manual filling and draining, and handy laundry poking stick.

No I’m not kidding. This is really my washing machine at the moment.

And you know what? It’s kind of cool in its old-fashioned, basic machinery type of way. Is it slower? Sure. Is it more work? You bet.

But the thing is nearly 70 years old and still works. And it was closer to the door than the one WAY out in our shop. Maybe once the weather gets warmer, and I get tired of dealing with this, we’ll work on bringing in the other washer.

I’ll have a few more months to work on my reanimation skills for Zombie Ike.


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