Spy Cat

James Blond(ie)

While tending to some gardening in front of the house one day, a soft rustling from my right caught my attention. I leaned forward and peered into the weeds and was greeted by Blondie as he pushed a few leaves aside. He flicked his eyes suspiciously in all directions before leaning close to me.

“Are you alone?” he whispered, his eyes still darting back and forth. I glanced around and leaned toward him.

“I think so,” I whispered back. He nodded slightly.

“Good. I have the microfilm. Tell the Chief the mission was a success.”

He glanced around quickly a few more times before winking at me and pulling back into the safe cover of the weeds and disappearing.

I went back to my gardening, shaking my head slightly. Sometimes it was just easier to play along than to try and figure out just what in blazes they were talking about.

Not to mention the fact that we don’t even WATCH spy movies!


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