Failure to Launch

I’m a researcher by nature. Want to see a comparison between vehicles? No prob. Looking for a solution to that tech problem? Watch me go. I can spend hours scouring the Internet, looking for information, tips, and advice for whatever issue crops up.

This came in very handy when I was writing articles for web content. I’d pick a title, seek out the best info on the topic, and distill the data into a new article. Hey, it wasn’t award-winning material, but it made some money.

This trait, however, can be a bit of a problem in other areas. Most specifically, my interests. I’m a fairly crafty person, and am always interested in trying new things. I’ve done ceramics, latch-hook, plastic canvas, sculpting, writing, crocheting, and even tried my hand at drawing. Some I found more success with than others.

The one constant across all these is my tendency to over-research. I’d buy book upon book, seek out website after website, delving into the techniques, the equipment, the project possibilities. I’d spend hour after hour “preparing” for whatever my latest idea was, all with the thought of “doing something” with that knowledge.

Problem is, half the time—truth be told, more than half the time—I’d never actually graduate to the DOING part of the interest. I’d gather the materials, buy the books, pick the project, then . . . nothing. All that time and money gone to waste.

Yeah, it's the ACTION part that I have trouble with.
Yeah, it’s the ACTION part that I have trouble with.

Sometimes it’s a case of being intimidated by the details. There’s just so much prep work, or so many new skills to learn before even starting, it tired me to even think about. So, like many fallen, failed hobbies before, the books and materials would be quietly tucked into boxes, and hauled down to the basement to linger in silent abandon. Wasted opportunity. Wasted money. Wasted time.

Sometimes it was frustration and a feeling of incompetence that caused the banishment to the basement. I’d try something, find it incredibly frustrating and difficult to understand or learn, so down it went. Good intentions wasted on lack of coordination and talent.

This isn’t to say I haven’t stuck with anything. I have an on-again, off-again affair with my writing. I’ve been crocheting for years, and have lately gotten interested in growing my abilities and maybe making something more than an afghan. I’m also thinking of getting back into the sculpting. All things I would like to do both for pleasure and for possible sale.

My latest obsession--er, interest.
My latest obsession–er, interest.

The problem is getting past that “research” hump. Trying something new, even if it’s hard at first. I’m a visual learner, and do best by watching how something’s done, so YouTube has been a source of education, especially when it comes to new crochet stitches. (And the fact that I’m a leftie doesn’t make things any easier in that regard! Many crochet books and videos only show right-handed procedures, and it’s hard to flip them in my mind.)

But I’m going to try. Maybe stretching myself into other crafts will help me feel better and get other creative juices flowing. Idle hands and all that.


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