Merry Crochet-mas!

Years ago, my mother tried to teach me crochet. The fact that she’s right-handed and I’m a leftie made that a bit difficult, as did the fact that I was about as coordinated as a drunk ostrich.

There were too many loops, I had no idea how to hold the yarn, and all those different stitches were too confusing. My foundation chains always came out crooked and kinked, and it made it impossible to make clean, neat stitches after that.

The struggle is real.
The struggle is real.

I did manage to learn one stitch—a variation on a slip stitch—and used that for years to make a few scarfs and afghans. It was simple, it was neat, and it got the job done. Problem is, it was also kind of slow. And I tend to go big. My first major afghan took me 9 months and at least a 15 skeins of yarn to finish. We call it “The Monster”.

Anyway, over the past month I’ve thrown myself into learning proper crochet—different stitches and reading patterns and everything. At first it was overwhelming, but one day it just seemed to click. I made some earwarmers and a few Pikmin for the kids, and was feeling pretty proud of myself. I’ve been collecting crochet patterns like crazy.

I can do this! No sweat! Look at me go! Crochet ALL THE THINGS!!1!1

This leads us to my current predicament. I’m working on a few projects for the family for Christmas. One of them is rather large—much more intensive than I originally thought. (I’m not sure why I didn’t see what a huge undertaking it was—the pattern is 23 pages! Derp.) I’ve got about a week left to get it finished, and I’m really sweating it. I am not even halfway done, and there are A LOT of stitches left to go.

I may have gotten a little too ambitious.

Those words never belong in the same sentence. NEVER.
Those words never belong in the same sentence. NEVER.

But if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing, right? Go big or go home!

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