Who Will I Be In 2016? Changes Afoot!

As most people do this time of year, I’m taking stock of my life and seeing where changes can be made. I’ve recently completed another trip around the sun, and I’m not getting any younger. Time to see if I can figure out just what I was put here to do.

Well, almost everyone looks for change to be made.
Well, almost everyone looks for changes to be made.

2015 had its ups and downs, and offered some interesting surprises. I discovered new interests, did a lot of soul-searching and self-examination, and have a better grasp on who I am as a person. Right now–as in right this very minute–I’m feeling more at ease with myself, and a little more hopeful for the coming year.

Aside from the typical hopes for good health, more stable finances, and happier times in 2016, I have more specific goals to strive for on a personal level:


1 – I want to focus a little more on me. I’ve put myself second (or third, or fourth) for a long time, and it’s probably a big part of my depression. Neglect has a very real emotional impact on a person, and I’ve been neglecting myself. Time to grab some “me” time and feel like more than just the “mom blob”.

2 – Speaking of, I want to be a better mom. I find myself being a little too short with the kids, and snapping at them more than I’d like. Gotta stop, take a breath, and focus on being more patient.


3 – I want to continue to seriously pursue my interests. I’m really enjoying crochet, and would like to dedicate some time to sculpting. Being creative and artistic is important to me, and I need to keep reminding myself of that.

4 – I want to spend less time online. I don’t think I’m addicted to the Internet, per se, but I do find myself spending (embarrassingly) long periods just piddling around on Facebook and various message boards. That time could be better spent on other, more productive things.

5 – I want to continue to declutter the house. I started this a few months ago, but the sheer amount of STUFF we have is overwhelming. Toys, outgrown clothes, out-dated electronics, books, CDs, cassettes, DVDs, magazines, and miscellaneous brik-a-brak. I barely know where to start. Some days I just want to torch the place and start over. (I’m rambling. I should probably work on that, too.)

6 – I want to get more items up for sale. Ebooks, crochet, sculpting, whatever I can offer to build my income and feel a little less financial stress. And if I can fulfill my need to be productive and creative at the same time, bonus!

What it mostly boils down to is this: I’m in a rut. I’ve settled into this unproductive groove, this slow slog of depression and laziness. I never did anything because I never knew what to do (no urge or motivation), or had the energy to do so. It was a vicious cycle, and only lead to feelings of wasted time. Wasted life.

Well, it’s time to shake off the dust, get my butt away from this computer, and live. Do. Create. I’ll feel better for it.

new year better resolution quote


As I look forward to changing things up, I thought about this blog and my Written By Annette theme. A year ago I thought I wanted to be known as a writer. I still do, but my interests have grown. I don’t ONLY want to write now. I have other creative outlets I’d like to grow, and the “Written” aspect of my blog seemed a little too limiting.

Thus, I’ve changed from “Written By Annette” to “Nettie’s Nook”. It’s personal, yet nondescript, and can encompass everything I try my hand at now and in the future. If I choose to get into metal-working, I can. (Although, considering I can—and do—burn myself on the oven rack, I don’t think working with welding equipment and red-hot metals is a good idea.)

I will still keep the Written By Annette domain, as that’s where my email is through. And who knows, maybe I will grow into a more prolific and successful writer, and will split that off to a completely different site. Anything’s possible.

For now, WrittenByAnnette.com and NettiesNook.com will both point to this blog. Change your favorites and bookmarks accordingly, if you so desire. Like me on Facebook to keep informed on updates and other notes related to my creative endeavors.


The new year is a good time for change. A good time to stretch myself and discover my true talent and passions.

A good time to find out what (who) I want to be when I grow up.

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