Holiday Hangover

So here we are, dipping our little tootsies into 2016. I’m not quite as optimistic about my options and motivation as I was a few weeks ago, but it’s still early and my mood can change hourly some days.


I got a few of my smaller crochet projects finished for Christmas, but the big one . . . not even close. I severely underestimated the amount of time it was going to take. I can’t decide if I was overestimating my own skillz or completely blinded by my naivete. Probably a little of both, really.

Ah well.

Now’s the time when everyone nurses a holiday hangover. Starting somewhere in mid-November, we all start to check out—thoughts of food, presents, traveling, lights, trees, decorations, family drama, and more food take over. That carries us through Christmas, when schedules are thrown to the wind, the kids are out of school, and many of us suddenly realize we’ve been wearing the same comfy sweats for three days straight and can’t remember when we showered or brushed our teeth last.

Or so I’ve been told. Not that I know how that feels. Pfft. As if.

Seriously, like WAY underpaid!

But now the holidays are over, and our schedules have normalized again. Kids are back in school (THANK GOD), people are back to work, and no more extended family guilt and obligations. It’s a huge sigh of relief tinged with sadness. It’s nice to get back to normal, but sad to feel those holiday warm and fuzzies are gone for another year.

Yeah, I admit, I’m feeling a bit of sadness that we’re back to the daily drudgery. I may not like the hoopla that surrounds the holidays, but there is a feeling that permeates the air in November and December. Come January, it’s like someone throws a wet wool blanket over the world. It’s just cold, gray, and dreary. Sigh.

But hey, all the more reason to throw yourself into hobbies and projects, right? Distract yourself from the slow slog of January. (And January just seems like it drags on forever, doesn’t it?)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to change into my fancy sweats. And brush my teeth.

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