If You Need Me, I’ll Be In My Fort

Did ya ever have that feeling that you wanted to run away, at least for a little while? That being an adult was too hard, and you couldn’t take the routine, the overwhelming weight of responsibility for one.more.day?

Yeah, I’m there.

It’s a push right now to do what needs done. What I’ve always done for countless days before. Day in and day out, the same old same old. It’s also pretty cold, so that reinforces the “crawl into bed until spring” urge.

I know it’s part boredom, part low-lying depression, part frustration. I haven’t crocheted in a while. I’ve written a little bit, but nothing major or printable. Haven’t touched my Sculpey yet. I just keep getting side-swiped by the “But first” monster. (Not to be confused with the “butt first” monster, which would just be weird.)


I want to write, but first I should get laundry going. I should work on crochet (especially the big project I haven’t touched since the end of December), but first the dishes need done. I want to do this interest, but first I should do that adult- and/or parental-related chore. Problem is, there’s a never ending supply of “but firsts”. Because there’s always something that needs done.

Wah wah wah. I don’t have it any harder than any other adult/parent. Every now and then it gets to me, the tediousness, the routine, the rut. I throw myself a pity party, hurl myself dramatically to the fainting couch, then suck it up and keep moving.

But first, I’m heading to my blanket fort. If you want to stop by, bring Mallo Cups, M&Ms and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

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