About Me

I am many things to many people.

Daughter, sister, wife, mother . . .

But above all, I’m a creative soul. Writing, crocheting, painting . . . Anything that lets me express myself and create something makes me happy.

I started as a writer, way back when, writing little stories and fanfiction for my favorite shows. I moved on to original works–many of them super short flash fiction type things–before branching out to other creative endeavors. Now I alternate between crocheting and writing.

In real life, I am an introvert–someone more comfortable sitting at home with a good book or alone with my thoughts than in loud social settings with large groups. I do not speak unless I have something to say, and usually contemplate numerous different responses before choosing one I’m happy with. Every message I write, be it in email or on Facebook or a message board, is scrutinized for clarity, spelling, and meaning before I hit “Send”. I am much more eloquent on the page than I am in real life.

Along with me on this ride of life is a husband, two kids, a couple dogs, and a few cats. Okay, more than a few. Like, Crazy Cat Lady starter pack. (All strays who wandered on our property.)

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